Hangar Information


  • Fire sprinklers, fire alarms and a fire extinguisher in each unit.

  • Three-phase power (60 amps) in each building.  A three-phase power outlet may be installed in each unit.

  • Internet access may be provided by AT&T or Viasat.

  • Two rest rooms for the exclusive use of tenants.

  • 24-hour access via secure gate.

  • Ample private parking in the driveway.  Parking spaces inside the fence available for rent.



Building B

  • Dimensions:  Each hangar unit in Building B is 42’ wide and 34’ deep.  The doorway clearances are 40’ wide and 16’ high.

  • Electric bi-fold doors with a man-door in each door.

  • Rent:  $1,500 per month on a one-year lease.  There are no other charges.  We can also enter into leases with shorter or longer terms.  Hangar units are also available for purchase.

Building A

  • We are planning to start construction this spring.

  • There will be two sizes of units:  50' x wide x 40' deep and 50' x 50'.  The doorway clearances will be 48' wide and 16' high

  • Single-piece hydraulic doors with a man-door in each door.

  • Rent on a one-year lease:

    1. 50' x 40':  $2,400

    2. 50' x 50':  $3,000

Tenants will be billed separately for electricity. There will be no other charges.