Hangar Information


  • Fire sprinklers, fire alarms and a fire extinguisher in each unit.

  • Three-phase power (60 amps) in each building.  A three-phase power outlet may be installed in each unit.

  • Internet access may be provided by AT&T or Viasat.

  • Two rest rooms for the exclusive use of tenants.

  • 24-hour access via secure gate.

  • Ample private parking in the driveway.  Parking spaces inside the fence available for rent.



Building B

  • Dimensions:  Each hangar unit in Building B is 42’ wide and 34’ deep.  The doorway clearances are 40’ wide and 16’ high.

  • Electric bi-fold doors with a man-door in each door.

  • Rent:  $1,350 per month on a one-year lease.  There are no other charges.  We can also enter into leases with shorter or longer terms.  Hangar units are also available for purchase.

Building A

  • We are planning to start construction this fall, and are ready to enter into leases with a target occupancy date of April 1.

  • There will be four sizes of units:

    1. 44’ wide x 40’ deep

    2. 44’ wide x 50’ deep

    3. 50’ wide x 40’ deep

    4. 50’ x 50’

    5. The doorway clearances on the 44’ wide units will be 41’ or 42’ wide and 12’ high. On the 50’ wide units, the doorway clearances will be 48’ wide and 16’ high.

  • Single-piece hydraulic doors with a man-door in each door.

  • Rent—on a one-year lease:

    1. 44’ x 40’:$1,750

    2. 44’ x 50’:$2,000

    3. 50’ x 40’: $2,400

    4. 50’ x 50’:$3,000

    5. Tenants will be billed separately for electricity. There will be no other charges.